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January 11, 2016
OMEGA’s “Her Time” Exhibition in Milan, September 2015
OMEGA's 'Her Time' remarkable exhibition took place for its first show at the Triennale di Milano during last September 2015. The outstanding selection of pieces from the Museum's collection will travel with this itinerant exhibition in many other countries.

Curator's choice

Curator's choice

Omega Olympic split-seconds chronograph

1932: Omega becomes the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games for the first time.
This split-seconds chronograph is equipped with an extra chronograph seconds hand, the so-called split-seconds, which normally moves as one with the centre chronograph seconds hand, but can, thanks to a pusher, be stopped independently in order to take a lap time.
A second pressure on the same pusher instantaneously brings the split-seconds hand back to the centre seconds chronograph hand, whether it is still running or has been stopped.
1932 marked the first time in history that one company was given the sole responsability of providing and controlling all the equipment needed to time all the disciplines of the Games.